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Raj Ripa to play lead in film based on Humayun Azad’s novel

Staff Correspondent
09 Dec 2021 00:00:00 | Update: 09 Dec 2021 09:15:20
Raj Ripa to play lead in film based on Humayun Azad’s novel

Actress Raj Ripa is all set to star in an upcoming film based on the novel “10000 Ebong Aro Ekti Dharshan” by Humayun Azad, which is said to be the first-ever screen adaptation of any novel by the late author.

Ripa came up with the announcement of her casting in the untitled film on her birthday on Tuesday. The film with the setting in a rural area depicts the struggles of a rape victim, played by Ripa.

The film will be directed by Sohel Rana Boyati with the script written by Apurno Rubel.

Talking to The Business Post on Wednesday, Ripa Raj said that she was roped in for the film around a week ago for portraying the character “Moyna”, who is a courageous girl.

“I was approached by the director for the character. It has been around two months I am in contact with the director. I had read the novel before I agreed to do the film. It took me around a month to reach the decision. Humayn Azad’s books are also considered state property,” she said.

Ripa added further, “I am still nervous whether I can perfectly do the portrayal of the character Moyna. We are expecting to start shooting from January-end or in the beginning of February. Pre-production is underway.”

The actress shared that she was preparing for her character. “I am trying to be like Moyna. I have already read the novel two times.

I will start rehearsing as soon as I get the script. I am deeply contemplating her nature and lifestyle.”

“I am lucky to have been cast for a project based on a literary piece of Humayun Azad. It is a huge challenge. I even thought for a month to decide whether I would do it. I am an actress and I am here to prove myself,” Ripa said further.

The actress added, “My other film ‘Mukti’, directed by Iftakhar Chowdhury, was announced on my birthday last year, and the announcement of the latest one came on the same occasion this year. Both the films have very powerful characters, unlike the regular commercial ones.”

However, other members of the cast of Sohel Rana Boyati’s film are yet to be disclosed.

Raj Ripa is currently taking rest as per the physician’s advice to heal the injuries, which she sustained while skateboarding recently, healed. She will resume shooting for “Mukti” as soon as she recovers.