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Firoz’s ‘The Uncertainty’ nominated at Berlin Int’l Art Film Fest

Staff Correspondent
15 Jan 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 15 Jan 2022 04:14:51
Firoz’s ‘The Uncertainty’ nominated at Berlin Int’l Art Film Fest
Zafor Firoz, The director of the film ‘The Uncertainty’ -Courtesy Photo

The screenplay of Bangladeshi feature film titled ‘The Uncertainty,’ directed by filmmaker Zafor Firoze, has been nominated in ‘feature film screenplay’ category at the Berlin International Art Film Festival 2022.

Zafor has confirmed the news on his official Facebook account.

Sharing pictures of the confirmation of his nomination by the festival, he wrote, “Alhamdulillah. It was an honour to get the nomination of my feature film screenplay ‘The Uncertainty’ by Berlin International Art Film Festival out of many feature film screenplays. Please pray for me.”

Regarding the screenplay, Zafor shared a personal story of his own and wrote, “This is the story of father. A devastating cyclone and tidal wave killed more than one million people in the coastal region. At that time many families of Bhola were wiped out.

“Many families lost their relatives, parents and siblings and became orphans. One of my sisters got lost in that tidal wave. He was the only child of the father then. I saw my father go to different places to look for his daughter.”

He continued, “Whenever he heard that a girl was found in such a place; my father used to run there and look for my sister. I still see my father waiting for his lost daughter. I have realised how much that tidal wave has affected our family.

“In this story I have tried to bring up how a family gets destroyed due to a natural calamity.”

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