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Momtaz lends voice for Hridi’s ‘1971 Sheishob Din’

Staff Correspondent
14 May 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 14 May 2022 08:11:52
Momtaz lends voice for Hridi’s ‘1971 Sheishob Din’

Popular folk queen Momtaz Begum has lent her voice to the government-granted film titled ‘1971 Sheishob Din’ which is directed by eminent theatre personality Hridi Haq. The recording of the song has already been completed. 

The song titled ‘Jaore Ponkhi Uira Jaore’, has composed and tuned by Debjyoti Mishra.

Regarding the song, Momtaz said, “I like the music arrangement of the song. Especially the lyrics and melody of the song have touched my soul. That’s why I enjoyed the recording of the song. Honestly, I don’t do playbacks like before. My recent playback song Mir Sabbir’s ‘Raat Jaga Phul’ has received a good response from the audience. If a film song is liked by the audience, then that song has created a positive impact on that film. I think this introductory music for the film ‘Rat Jaga Phul’ is very optimistic. I’m impressed by the sincerity of Hridi. I hope everyone will like the song ‘Jaore Ponkhi Uira Jaore’”.

The film will tell the story of a family of three brothers during the Liberation War. Litu Anam, Ferdous, and Sajal are playing the roles of three brothers.

The film stars Mamunur Rashid, Jayant Chattopadhyay, Munmun Ahmed, artist Sarkar Apu, Ferdous, Tarin, Litu Anam, Sajal, Saju Khadem, Sanjida Preeti, and others. Besides directing Hridi Haq is also acting in the film.

Meanwhile, Momtaz will be performing in the stage shows in Melbourne and Sydney on May 21 and 28. Recently she has lent her voice to the song ‘Nai Kothao Tumi Nai’ in the film titled ‘Dampara’, directed by Shuddhoman Chaitnya. The song is written by Anon Zaman and composed by Emon Chowdhury.