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‘Shob Lokey Koy’ dedicated to humanity

Staff Correspondent
23 Jun 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 23 Jun 2022 01:09:11
‘Shob Lokey Koy’ dedicated to humanity

After the success of previous songs, Coke Studio Bangla dropped their latest song ‘Shob Lokey Koy’ sung by Kaniz Khandaker Mitu and Murshidabadi on the night of June 21.

Coke Studio Bangla dedicated this song to the eternal love for human beings. The song ‘Shob Lokey Koy’ is a fusion of Lalon’s ‘Shob Lokey Koy’ sung by Kaniz Khandaker Mitu and Kabir’s ‘Kabira Kuan Ek Hai’ sung by Murshidabadi.

The song highlights the divine connection between sages Fakir Lalon Shah and Kabir Das. Coke Studio Bangla wanted to express the fact that ways of expression might be different, but emotions are just the same despite the culture and places.

To establish this idea, Coke Studio Bangla created this fusion song, as listening to ‘Shob Lokey Koy’ and ‘Kabira Kuan Ek Hai’ together, gives evidence that people are all connected in a single consciousness of humanity. They wanted to show that, although Fakir Lalon and Kabir Das were from two different eras, they shared the same space in philosophy and in ideology.

The song is curated and produced by the mastermind of the debut season of Coke Studio Bangla, Shayan Chowdhury Arnob. He also composed and arranged the music for the song.

‘Shob Lokey Koy’ has already garnered positive appreciation from the audience. Following the release of the song last evening, it received 6,45,283 views, 50 thousand likes, and 3.4 thousand comments on YouTube till the filling of this report at 5:00pm on Wednesday.

The chorus of this song was sung by Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, Jannatul Firdous Akbar, Rubayat Rehman, Ripon Kumar Sarkar (Boga) and Labik Kamal Gourab.

Along with singing the chorus, Arnob also played electric piano, Boga Taleb played khomok, and Labik Kamal Gourab played dotara.

The song has beautiful melodious work in flute by Jalal Ahmed and trumpet by Kabil Mia.

Saadul Islam, Faizan Rashid Ahmad (Buno) and Imran Ahmed were on electric guitar, Shuvendu Das Shuvo played the acoustic guitar, Rahin Haider was on tenor saxophone while Sayonton Mangsang played the alto saxophone, Pantho Kanai on drums, Mithun Chakra on ektara and Md Mobarak Hossain was on percussions. Pradyut Chatterjea was on khol and Adit Rahman on keyboard, Nazrul Islam was on dhol, and Mohaimin Karim on double bass.

Coke Studio Bangla began its journey on February 23 and till now has hits like, ‘Nasek Nasek’, ‘Bulbuli’ and ‘Chiltey Roud’.