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Farin completes shoot for debut film ‘Aro Ek Prithibi’

Staff Correspondent
27 Jun 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 27 Jun 2022 01:07:28
Farin completes shoot for debut film ‘Aro Ek Prithibi’

‘Ladies and Gentleman’-famed actress Tasnia Farin is all set to make her big-screen debut with the Tollywood film titled ‘Aro Ek Prithibi’ directed by Atanu Ghosh.

The shooting of this film has been completed in London.

Regarding her acting in the film, Farin said, “In my first film, ‘Aro Ek Prithibi’, I have played the role of Protikkha. The film tells the journey of Protikkha for 11 years to find her place. She looks for her own identity, her own home. The audience has to watch the entire film to know if she finally finds her place or not.”

“I am very satisfied with my first film. They are very cooperative like Bangladeshi people. That’s why I didn’t feel even for once that I am working as an outsider. As a director, Atanu is very straightforward. I liked working with him”, she added.

The film will narrate the story of four different people who never had any home to call their own. The film will tell the story of finding that home. Four different stories of four people will be shown in the film.

Farin will be playing the character of a girl named Protikkha who has not had her own home since she was 11 years old. Searching for a home, that she can call her own, she arrives in London and falls in love.

The film will also star Kaushik Ganguly, Shaheb Bhattacharya, and Anindita Basu in the lead roles.

Atanu said this film is being made inspired by the book ‘Four Feet Under’ which he read recently.

Meanwhile, Farin has recently completed the web film ‘Karagar’ directed by Syed Ahmed Shawki.