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Ethi: I will keep doing music alongside my career

Siam Raihan 
21 Sep 2022 00:06:02 | Update: 21 Sep 2022 00:06:02
Ethi: I will keep doing music alongside my career

Safia Afruz Ethi, a sub-inspector at the Special Branch (SB) of Bangladesh Police, made headlines last July for her song ‘Joriye Robo Tor Pajore.’ The promising singer has released her latest track ‘Amare Chariya Bondhu’ on September 15 on the official YouTube channel of Sangeeta. The track was written and composed by Ethi while Zahid Bashar Pankaj did the music. 

While talking about her musical career, Ethi said, “I have been doing music since my childhood. My mother always wanted me to focus on dance and music. So, I have been actively learning them since I was in class 2 or 3. I was always under the guidance of my cousin Selina Akhter, who is still a music teacher at Jamalpur Shilpakala Academy. The academic music training I received was thanks to her.”

“I then came to Dhaka for my undergrad and got admitted to Eden College. Joined the police force and focused on my career. Also, I kept working on my music as I was very passionate about it. That passion is the main reason I still do music, never thought of turning it into a profession,” she added. 

When asked how she keeps her work and musical practice in balance, Ethi replied, “I’d love to get more time to practice but rarely get the free time as I’m currently posted at the Special Branch in Malibagh. Yet, I’m involved with several cultural organisations and try my best to take some time out of my busy schedule and perform at their events. I also perform in each cultural event organised by Bangladesh Police. But I do agree that managing time for music is difficult.”

Ethi thanked Sangeeta, the popular record label which produced her latest track, and said,”I’m not some intellectual about music but I do love to write and compose my tracks depending on my personal feelings. I usually write when I get some time to practice. ‘Amare Chariya Bondhu’ was written and recorded in a very short period of time. Pankaj did all the music and Soumitra directed the music video for it. And a special thanks to Sangeeta CEO Robin Bhai who produced this music video which is being well received by the audience.”

Ethi also said that her family members are the inspiration behind her musical career. She said, “I have no clear future plans about my musical career. My family is very supportive and continues to inspire me to do music and I’m trying my best to do so alongside my job. I’m also happy to be a listed artiste at BTV and have been performing on the channel for more than 12 years and I will continue to do that too. Also, would love to create a few more tracks or even an album someday.”

The music video of Ethi’s latest track starred Jomshed Shamim & Snighda while Yasin Bin Aryan did the cinematography. Popular music video director Soumitra Ghose Emon directed the video.