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Nusraat Faria: A film’s success depends on its promotional campaign

22 Sep 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 21 Sep 2022 22:30:02
Nusraat Faria: A film’s success depends on its promotional campaign

Dipankar Dipon’s much-anticipated film ‘Operation Sundarban’ is releasing tomorrow. Along with the rest of the makers, Nusraat Faria is also very excited about the release. In a recent conversation with The Business Post’s Purba Zannat, Nusraat Faria talked about her recent films, her works and a lot more

How are the promotional campaigns for the film going on?

The whole team of ‘Operation Sundarban’ recently went to some universities for the promotion of the film. We went to, Jahangirnagar University, Jagannath University and American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB). Yesterday a special premiere of the film took place at Star Cineplex Basundhara and we were at the premier show. Apart from that, we have plans to visit some more places for the promotion of the film.

Tell us more about your role in the film.

The role I played in the film is Tania Kabir. Tania is an animal researcher who particularly focuses on tigers. In the film, she visits Sundarbans to find answers to some of her unsolved questions. From there the mysteries start to get solved one by one and the story of the film builds up from there.

How was your shooting experience for the film?

The overall experience was really wonderful. I didn’t have any bitter experiences. It has been a pleasure and I was fortunate enough to get a chance to shoot while staying in the deep forest of Sundarbans. I was out of touch with my family for 3 days while shooting as I was out of network. But I was with another family which is the team in the film and I am very happy to become a part of this one big family. I was associated with the film for four years and finally yesterday I saw the film with everyone for the first time. The film is releasing tomorrow nationwide. Hope the audience will like the film as much as we did. It is an overwhelming experience.

What’s your next plan?

Another film of mine ‘Bhoy’ will be released in October in Kolkata and after that, it will release in Bangladesh. Next year two films of mine ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Patalghor’ are in the queue to release. I’d be starting shooting for ‘Bibaho Obhijan 2’ on 25 September. Though when will I fly is yet to be decided.

What are the differences between, Tollywood and our entertainment industry as you worked in both?

Industries work in their own way. There is no particular comparison I want to state as both are really different from one another. Both industries are perfect in their own way. I would like to say that I am a very production-friendly artiste because from the very beginning of my career I became very used to working in both industries. So, I don’t find many differences here.

What are your opinions regarding the promotional campaigns for films?

I personally think promotion is really very important. A film’s success also depends on the campaigns. Every time this helps to make a film hit at the box office. I always tell the makes to focus more on promotion from the very first film mine. Films are made for the audience so it is very important that the films reach their audience.