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Kanchan, Rozina returns with ‘Firey Dekha’

Staff Correspondent
23 Sep 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 23 Sep 2022 00:36:57
Kanchan, Rozina returns with ‘Firey Dekha’

Ilias Kanchan and Rozina, the popular Dhallywood duo of the 80s, will return to the silver screen with the government-granted film ‘Firey Dekha.’ Rozina recently shared the news through a post on her personal Facebook profile.

Kanchan, Rozina duo left a mark on the Bangladeshi audience’s hearts with their onscreen chemistry in the superhit films like- ‘Bangshadhar,’ ‘Nasib,’ ‘Ratan Mala,’ Nikah’ and many more. Bangladesh National Film Award actor Kanchan left acting after his first wife, Jahanara Kanchan, died in a road accident on 22 October 1993. He then focused on creating a social movement called Nirapad Sarak Chai (We Demand Safe Roads). He is also the current President of the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association.

On the other hand, Rozina also left her acting career and focused on producing. She recently received the government’s filmmaking grant for ‘Fire Dekha’ which is her debut film as a director.

The film has a song where Kanchan and Rozina will have a special cameo. Posting some behind-the-scenes photos of the song’s shoot, Rozina wrote on her Facebook profile, “Kanchan and I have a song in the film ‘Firey Dekha.’ We will be seen as Bairagi and Bostami. A few days ago, Kanchan and I did a photo shoot as the modern Bostami and Bairagi.”

Fans of the famous onscreen duo were surprised and elated to see them starring in a project together after so many years.