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Priyanka: ‘Megh Tumi’ is one of the best songs in my career

Staff Correspondent
24 Sep 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 24 Sep 2022 01:54:06
Priyanka: ‘Megh Tumi’ is one of the best songs in my career
– Courtesy Photo

National film award-winning talented singer Priyanka Gope is popular among her fans for her skills in classical music. Her recently released track ‘Megh Tumi’ is being praised by the audience though it is different from her regular work. The song is written by Soma Taheri, composed by Tanim Hayat and its musical arrangement was done by Ejaza Farah. The music video for the track was directed by Shafika Nasreen Mimi.

Priyanka said, “The song ‘Megh Tumi’ was released just a few days ago. The response I have been receiving since its release has been very positive. Whoever listened to the track has praised it. This song is a product of many hardships and hard work by our team. I don’t know whether a classical song like this has been performed on such a huge scale before where the classical version has been brought together keeping the commercial value in mind.”

“Composer Tanim Hayat composed the song keeping me in mind. From Soma Taheri’s impeccable writing, Ejaz Farah’s music arrangement and Shafika Nasreen Mimi’s direction, Shamim’s amazing dance, Apurba’s tabla lahara and bol bani; all of us were so dedicated that the song is now being flooded with positive response and love from the fans. This is one of the best songs of my entire musical career. Kudos to Tanim Bhai, who took such a big risk and gave presented such an excellent song to the country. He himself played the Sarod part,” she added.

Meanwhile, a new song by Priyanka Gope and Samarjeet is going to be released on September 29. The song ‘Rai Kishori’ is composed by Samarjeet and written by Navarun Biswas.

Moreover, from September 25 till Durga Puja, Priyanka will be busy performing live music at several events across the nation.

Priyanka Gope won the Bangladesh National Film Award for ‘Best Female Playback Singer’ for her singing in the film ‘Anil Bagchir Ekdin’ (2015). It was her debut as a playback singer.

As of 2017, she released four solo albums including the classical albums ‘Sure Sure Dekha Hobe’ and ‘Raga Delights’ from Bengal Foundation, ‘Thumri Vol-1’ from G Series.