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‘September Dhaka’ to take place at Liberation War Museum

Staff Correspondent
30 Sep 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 29 Sep 2022 22:39:20
‘September Dhaka’ to take place at Liberation War Museum

A musical event titled ‘September Dhaka’ will be held today at the Liberation War Museum. The event organised by Karkhana which is an organisation of young musicians will start at 4:00pm.

Nazm Anwar, Masha Islam, Hatirpool Sessions, Firoze Jong, and Chitropot, among others, will be performing in the evening.

The theme of the event will be the city as Dhaka city has a deep connection with music.

Limited edition merchandise for September Dhaka will be available at the venue too for parches.

The event is a way with which one can spend time with friends, singing favourite songs as they believe happiness is to be shared among ourselves.

According to the organisers this event has been organised so that everyone can forget the urban chaos for a few hours and get lost in joy and love.

This is the third event of ‘September Dhaka’. The first and second events were held in September and December in 2021.

The tickets will cost 500 taka each.