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Shooting of ‘Kajol Rekha’ resumes

Staff Correspondent
30 Sep 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 29 Sep 2022 22:39:31
Shooting of ‘Kajol Rekha’ resumes

The shooting of ‘Monpura’ famed director Giasuddin Selim resumes shooting for his film ‘Kajol Rekha’. The final session of the shooting is taking place at Susang Durgapur.

Actors Iresh Zaker, Mithila, Sariful Razz, and more will be present in the final session of the shoot for ‘Kajol Rekha’.

The shooting first began in Netrokona’s Susang Durgapur in April and was later recorded in different locations around Sundarban.

The film is based on the story of Kajol Rekha pala of Mymensingh Gitika which is a 400-year-old story.

The government-granted film is going to be a big-budget film as the director wanted to portray the architecture, condition of the society, culture, and lifestyle of the people of that era.

According to the director making a set that can reflect the 400-year-old culture was the most challenging part.

The film will portray Mondira Chakrabarty as Kajol Rekha which will also mark her debut on the silver screen. Along with her the film also casts Shariful Razz and Rafiath Rashid Mithila in the lead roles. Although Sharifull Razz worked with Giasuddin Selim before, however, this film is going to be the first film of Mithila directed by Giasuddin Selim. Mithila will be playing Kankon Dasi who is a negative character in the film.s

The film also casts, Sahana Rahman Sumi, Sadia Ayman, Azad Abul Kalam, Iresh Zaker, Khairul Bashar, Rahmat Ali, and Gaoshul Alam Shaon, among others.