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Hulu releases Nuhash’s short film ‘Foreigners Only’

Staff Correspondent
01 Oct 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 01 Oct 2022 04:05:21
Hulu releases Nuhash’s short film ‘Foreigners Only’

Renowned Bangladeshi filmmaker Nuhash Humayun’s new horror short film ‘Foreigners Only’ is out on US-based OTT platform Hulu today. His short film is a part of the third season of a Hulu original horror anthology called ‘Bite Size Halloween.’ The official trailer of the anthology series, containing 20 horror shorts, was released on Thursday night.

The trailer moves between shots from different episodes of the show and the vast diversity of horror sub-genres it intends to feature. The trailer also features internationally acclaimed Bangladeshi actor Mostofa Monwar, who looks positively creepy in the flick.

Along with that standouts include a bloody, creepily giggling psycho in the back of a crashed vehicle and a phantom in a black cloak watching its victim sleep, and a grotesque father whose head has seemingly sunk into his body. Each episode brings something new to the table as far as genre goes. Looks like the Season 3 is not afraid of commentary either as it will feature episodes examining hard-hitting topics including racism, represented by one particularly unsavoury officer, alongside gender, parenthood, sexuality, and identity.

“Catch your first glimpse of Mostafa Monwar from FOREIGNERS ONLY. Hulu’s BITE SIZE HALLOWEEN S3 Trailer is here! Blending genres like horror, thriller, and comedy with issues like race, class and identity - I’m SO excited for this season and the stories it has to tell. Cool bonus: An episode also features Tatiana Maslany (Marvel’s ‘SHE HULK’)! Here’s your first glimpse of the historic first Bangladeshi content produced by US OTT,” wrote Nuhash, on his verified Facebook profile by sharing the trailer on Thursday night.

‘Foreigners Only’ is going to be the first Bangladeshi content released on Hulu and Nuhash becomes the first director in the country who made through this.

Although the short film will be in both Bangla and English but it is not releasing in Bangladesh at the moment as Hulu is not available in the country. So, the Bangladeshi audience has to wait a bit longer to enjoy the anthology.