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Yusuf to release new song on birthday

Staff Correspondent
01 Oct 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 30 Sep 2022 22:39:59
Yusuf to release new song on birthday

Singer Yusuf Ahmed Khan is going to release his brand-new song after a long break. The song titled ‘Ami Chai Tomake’ will be released on the occasion of the singer’s birthday on October 12.

The song has been written and tuned by Ovi Moinuddin last year. The music direction of the song was given by the singer himself while Sound Hacker did the music arrangement for the song.

The recording has been completed recently at ‘Studio Ahblad’ and the song will be released from Youtube channel Y Beats. However, the music video is yet to be shot.

“The song has become one of my favourites. The lyrics and tune of the song is so amazing that I can’t help but love the song. I’ve sung the song many times since last year for various reasons at various places. This is another reason why I love the song and I’m very hopeful about it,” said Yusuf.

“Actually, I wrote the song last year in October. The reason I gave the song to Yusuf is that I believe no other singer can sing the song with this much love except him. I want the song to be released properly,” said the track’s lyricist, Ovi.