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Mir comes up with ‘Remittance Joddha’

Staff Correspondent
24 Nov 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 24 Nov 2022 01:20:31
Mir comes up with ‘Remittance Joddha’

Mir Sabbir has made a documentary based on the struggle of Bangladeshi workers in the Middle East. The shooting of the documentary has been completed already.

The actor himself developed the story of the documentary and wrote its dialogues and screenplay.

“As an actor, I participate in various social activities as I find it my responsibility. Not just the participation but I also contribute to those events. I think as an artiste, we can work for people in need in various ways. We should not only voice for them through our performance but also should interact with them directly and stand by their side,” said Mir Sabbir.

“This film ‘Remittance Joddha’ is one such work of mine. Many people face various difficulties including complications with passports and visas along with medical issues while going abroad, especially in the Middle East, searching for work. Various types of information have been presented in the movie regarding those difficulties. Besides, the role of remittance workers in the economy of Bangladesh has also been highlighted,” he said.

“While making the documentary, I experienced another world, one I didn’t really have any idea about. I hope everyone will watch the film at least once,” he added.

The actor made his debut as a director with the film Raat Jaga Phool.