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Co-stars of Deepa Khandakar wish her

Today is the actress’s birthday 
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28 Nov 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 28 Nov 2022 09:30:55
Co-stars of Deepa Khandakar wish her

Audience-admired actress Deepa Khandaker has been acting in drama for more than two decades. Not only this, the actress has also earned audience applause for acting in movies. Deepa Khandakar has been accepted by her co-stars as a unique co-artist in her long journey in showbiz arena. 

It is not that she is only busy with her own needs at the shooting location. Apart from her own needs, Deepa Khandakar also takes care of other co-artists. Many filmmakers think of her, especially in terms of challenging and exceptional genre characters. This is her greatest achievement as an artiste. 

When Deepa Khandakar acts under the direction of the director, she tries to portray the character properly by applying the director’s ideas. The same is happened for acting in movies. 

Wishing Deepa Khandakar a very happy birthday on her birthday today, Ekushey Padak-winning actor, and director Abul Hayat said, “Deepa Khandakar is undoubtedly a talented actress. She is such an actress who can help a director immensely. Just as she has devotional respect for senior artistes, Deepa adores juniors too. Her husband is also a good actor. This star couple of Deepa-Shahed is my favorite.”

Actress Tanveen Sweety said, “In these turbulent times, Deepa Khandakar is an ideal human being to emulate. Her personality also impresses me. Many players on her birthday, greetings for her.”

Deepa Khandakar’s fellow friend Mir Sabbir said, “Deepa Khandakar is one of my best friends. We are in dark without Deepa. Happy Birthday to Deepa.”

Meanwhile, Deepa Khandakar does not have any special arrangements on the occasion of her birthday. In the meantime, she has acted in ‘Gulshan Avenue Season Two’ directed by Nima Rahman which is currently airing on Banglavision. Deepa’s upcoming movies are ‘Payer Chhap’, ‘Mona’, ‘Manolok’ and ‘Revenge’.

Deepa Khandakar’s popular tele-dramas include ‘Meghe Dhaka Manus’, ‘Ebong Ami’, ‘Andhakare Phul’, ‘Ghar Sangsar’, ‘Mohua’, ‘Swapnabhog’, ‘Society’, ‘Sakkhi Kutum’, among many others. She has also received immense praise for her role as a presenter in a TV show titled ‘House Wife’. The programme was aired on Channel 24. Deepa Khandakar appeared in a Canadian feature film ‘A Father’s Diary’ directed by Golam Mustofa, acting as a mother in a supporting role.