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‘Laloner Sadhon Sangeet’ held at EMK

Staff Correspondent
28 Nov 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 28 Nov 2022 09:31:17
‘Laloner Sadhon Sangeet’ held at EMK

A folk music programme titled ‘Laloner Sadhon Sangeet’ followed by a discussion took place at the EMK Center on November 26. The event was organized by Kali Sahitya O Sanskirtik Sangathan.

The event started at 3 pm in the evening. Artistes from Bhabnagar Sadhu Sangha were present at the event.

Papri Rahman, writer and president of ‘Laloner Sadhon Sangeet’ greeted everyone and handed over the responsibility of conducting the programme to writer journalist Labonno Lipi. After that Laila Munni and Salma Talukder welcomed the honoured guests with flower bouquets, while poet Maleka Ferdous handed over the awards to the artists.

Sharmin Jahan Shammi performed Lalon Sangeet ‘Sob Loke Koy Lalon ki jaat Songsare’ at the event. Dr Saymon Zakaria, a playwright and folk culture researcher, discussed the philosophy of nurturing at the beginning of the main programme. The discussion was then followed by artist and Assistant Professor Department of the Music University of Chittagong, Anabil Ehsan.

After the discussion programme, the artists of Bhabnagar Sadhu Sangha took the stage. The performance began with Sadhika Srijoni Tania’s song with her own composition of Charyapada. Anabil Ehsan and Baul Antar Sarkar also performed the Lalon song.

The programme concluded with the ending speech of the president of the event organiser.