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Film Artistes’ Association finally begins journey with full panel

UNB . Dhaka
29 Nov 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 28 Nov 2022 22:23:27
Film Artistes’ Association finally begins journey with full panel

After going through much drama and controversies regarding its General Secretary candidacy since the election at the beginning of this year, the full executive committee of Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association finally got together on Sunday night at the association office, BFDC in the capital.

Two members of the Misha-Zayed panel, actress Moushumi and actor Ali Raj took the oath on Sunday, at the meeting of the executive committee of the association under President Ilias Kanchan. The fight between Zayed Khan and Nipun Akter over the position of General Secretary has been resolved recently after the verdict of the court, and now the members of both panels are united under the leadership of Kanchan as President and Nipun as the GS, according to the members.

“It feels great to have everyone together as a united force,” Moushumi stated to the media after taking the oath. “After everything we have gone through since the election, now we are finally united.”

Ilias Kanchan said, “I am glad to have everyone together as a team and this is what I desired from the beginning. I have experienced agony during the past nine months, and now, today, the suffering has ended.”

“With the presence of our entire association’s members tonight at this meeting and as everyone has vowed to act in the best interests of artists, we can gladly leave behind the conflicts and move forward,” Kanchan aspired.

Regarding his presence in the meeting and forgetting all the past conflicts, Dipjol told the media, “I have never wanted any conflict between artists. Since the dispute over the post of General Secretary has reached the court and now there is no obstacle for Nipun to perform her duties as the GS of the association, I have decided to participate in the meeting and stay with its activities as I have always said that I will obey the verdict of the court.”

The meeting was attended by a number of actors, including Riaz, Symon, Anjana, Emon, Joy Chowdhury, Keya, Jadu Azad, Shahnoor and others.