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Industry consigns actresses Mirana, Jahanara to oblivion

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04 Dec 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 04 Dec 2022 00:55:25
Industry consigns actresses Mirana, Jahanara to oblivion
Mirana Zaman & Jahanara Ahmed

Eminent actresses Mirana Zaman and Jahanara Ahmed both reached their 80s. None of the artistes is in good health, and both lamented at the sheer ignorance of the entertainment industry towards them.

Mirana Zaman who mainly worked in theatre, television, and films, is now passing most of her time at her residence as she retired from acting. “The fact is at this age my physical condition does not permit me to work. So, I’m passing most of the time at home with my family. They are taking care of me but all with whom I used to work in our entertainment industry have forgotten me. Although, I don’t have any grudge for that. Now I understand that working relationships last as long as one is regular at work. Nothing more nothing less,” said Mirana Zaman.

The health condition of the 86 years old actress declined, but now she is stable. Yet she prays for those who are still serving in the entertainment industry. “It’s my misfortune that I haven’t won any national award. However, I’ve earned the love of my audience which is nothing less compared to any award. I pray for all who are now working. I hope they will pray for me too,” she added.

Jahanara Ahmed, an Ekushe Padak-winning actress, recently had eye surgery and now lives in the Central Road area in the capital. She won the Ekushe Padak onin 2016.

“I had injuries on my back last year. Since then it became hard for me to move. On the other hand, I recently had eye surgery. Overall, my health is not in a good condition. Now [people in our entertainment industry have no time to check on me. I don’t mind that but sometimes I get upset about the fact. Yet I pray for all,” said Jahanara Ahmed.

The serial titled ‘Locket’ was her last project in television. Written by Jahanara Ahmed, 42 episodes of ‘Locket’ was aired on BTV.

Mirana Zaman started her career in Bangladesh Betar as a voice artiste and anchor. She started her in 1962 at Bangladesh Betar as a voice artiste. She later switched to acting as well. She made her film debut with Rahman’s film Jahan Baje Shehnai (1968) and later appeared in films like Alamgir Kabir’s Dhire Bohe Meghna (1973), Chashi Nazrul’s Ora 11 Jon (1972), Suprovat, Nasiruddin Yussuf’s Guerrilla (2011) to name a few. In 2020, she was awarded the “Bulbul Ahmed Award” by Bulbul Ahmed Foundation Trust.

Jahanara Ahmed on the other hand joined Bangladesh Betar in 1962 in a live programme Jibontika. She acted in her first radio play directed by Kazi Khaleq. She was selected as an announcer for Bangladesh Television in 1964. She has acted in many drama serials and plays on television, including Sakal Sandhya, Shangshaptak, Shuktara, Ramer Sumati, Purono Baksho, Ashamapto Kahini, Amader Shontanera, Kuhelika, Chokher Bali and Bela Abela.