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I visited court to understand the milieu of courtroom

DU theatre department stages ‘Ninamar Jobanbondi’
Purba Zannat
05 Dec 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 05 Dec 2022 12:01:52
I visited court to understand the milieu of courtroom

Dhaka University’s theatre and performance studies department premiered a play titled ‘Ninamar Jobanbondi’ yesterday at 7 pm. The play was staged as a part of the ongoing 16th Dhaka University Central Annual Theatre Festival at TSC of Dhaka University.

Directed by the honours programme’s final-year student, Sujana Zahedi the play has been written by Songkar Kumar.

Regarding the drama, Sujana Zahedi told The Business Post, “The play tells the story of a woman who killed her husband and is waiting for the verdict of her case in court. In the play, the woman is a victim of domestic violence. She and her niece were regularly bitten and tortured by her husband. One day, when the husband was biting the little girl, the woman stabbed her husband to protect the little girl. Although the intention was not to kill, the man eventually died, and thus she ended up in court for judgment.”

The play is basically a courtroom drama that revolves around a woman who murdered her husband and lawyers arguing about the case.

“When I chose the play, I visited several courts in the city to understand the environment of a courtroom and how a courtroom works. I tried to apply realism and portray the variables that work behind an extreme deed,” she added.

Farjad Iftekhar Kabbo, Zadid Imtiaz Ahmed, Bornaly Ghosh Borno, Maria Sultana Puspo, Sheikh Rahatul Islam, Sylina Biswas Purba, Montaka Binta Hoque Era, Alfatun Alisghan Prottasha, Tafanum Asiq Orpy, and Ifad Hassan acted in the play.

Along with the play ‘Ninamar Jobanbondi’ another play ‘Death of the Moon’ took place on the same day.

The festival will feature two plays today, namely ‘The Gift of the Majai’ and ‘Dhumpan Shasther Jonno Khotikor’.

Starting on December 1, the festival will end on December 8.