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Iranian court summons Ananta, claims Murtaza

Staff Correspondent
07 Dec 2022 00:03:47 | Update: 07 Dec 2022 00:03:47
Iranian court summons Ananta, claims Murtaza

An Iranian court has summoned Bangladeshi actor Ananta Jalil.

Director of Ananta-produced movie ‘Din-The Day’ Murtaza Atash Zamzam made the claim on social media.

Taking his instagram handle, Murtaza Atash wrote, “Ananta Jalil has been summoned by the court and he or his lawyer must appear at the 9th Branch of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Criminal Court in Tehran on December 25.”

The notice has also been published on a reputed Iranian newspaper.

Murtaza Atas also attached an image of the court summon in Farsi which bore the seal of the Tehran Judicial Investigation Court. The authenticity of the notice could not be independently verified.

Murtaza Atas accused Ananta of violating copyright.

Zamzams complained that Ananta Jalil broke the conditions of the deal between them. “Nothing has gone according to plan for the movie ‘Din-The Day’. Ananta Jalil broke the contract and did everything on his own way.” he said.

He claimed, “He broke the contract and did not carry out his duty. Instead, he spoiled my half-made movie. Although I was the original producer, he made the movie in his style.