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Nonagenarian Masud Ali still wants to act

Staff Correspondent
09 Dec 2022 00:00:00 | Update: 09 Dec 2022 10:08:48
Nonagenarian Masud Ali still wants to act

Legendary actor Masud Ali Khan turned 94 this year. Although his health does not permit him to work at this age, he still wants to act.

But the desire remains unmet as the eminent actor cannot move without a wheelchair and opportunities hardly come with a role that requires a person on a wheelchair. He now spends most of his time at home.

He lamented at the sheer ignorance of the entertainment industry towards him. Despite that, Masud Ali Khan shared his desire to meet colleagues like Dilara Zaman, Tanvin Sweety, and Aupee Karim with a newsman who is closer to him.

“I do want to meet my colleagues; I want to talk and hang out with them. I know everything won’t be according to my wish. I understand that those who I want to meet also need to have that time,” said Masud Ali Khan.

He even wished to see Dilara Zaman, Tanvin Sweety, and Aupee Karim, as they always stay in touch with the living legend.

As his desire was conveyed to Dilara Zaman, Sweety, and Aupee, they visited him at his home on December 6.

Seeing the trio, a happy Masud Ali Khan said, “It was an amazing feeling to see Dilara, Sweety and Aupee. I feel like Eid.”

Not just the actor, but the three actresses also became emotional at their reunion.

“Masud Ali Khan is a person I deeply respect. I’ll visit him again whenever I can make time,” said Dilara Zaman.

“I want to spend time in the presence of such a legendary artiste again and again. I’m proud to spend time with him,” said Sweety.

“He is like a father figure to me. I often keep up with his updates. It was very nice to see him after a long time,” said Aupee Karim.