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Tawsif, Tanjin in new drama ‘Antahin’

Staff Correspondent
01 Feb 2023 00:07:09 | Update: 01 Feb 2023 00:07:09
Tawsif, Tanjin in new drama ‘Antahin’

Tanjin Tisha and Tawsif Mahbub are going to portray the roles of Nayan and Tara in their new drama tiled “Antahin”. The drama has been written and directed by Muhammad Miftah Anaan.

Regarding the drama, Miftah said, “We started the journey through a fairy-tale; soon the characters of the story came to life. They fall in love. Then they face their harsh reality. Both Tawsif and Tanjin had acted in the drama brilliantly. Hopefully the viewers will appreciate this valentine day drama”.

The story of the drama revolves around, Nayan running towards a beautiful girl in a crop field. As he was approaching the girl to see her face, Nayan realises that it was all a dream.

Borda Mithu, Shahbaz Sunny, Kajal Pramukh will also be acting in different roles in ‘Antahin’.