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Shakib Khan accused of sexual abuse, misconduct

Staff Correspondent
17 Mar 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 16 Mar 2023 23:00:34
Shakib Khan accused of sexual abuse, misconduct

Rahmat Ullah, producer of the Shakib-starring 2017 movie ‘Operation Agneepath’ filed a written complaint about a seven-year-old incident, relating to sexual misconduct by Shakib Khan, to three associations of Film Development Corporation (FDC) on Wednesday.

In the complaint, he alleged that Shakib Khan had leaked the film’s production schedule, caused financial losses to the project. The Dhallywood superstar is also charged with raping a co-producer in a hotel room with gravely physically injuring the said victim (Case no: NSW Police Reference No: E62494959).

The letter also mentioned that Shakib Khan was detained in Australia for the aforementioned rape case when he returned there in 2018. But there were no allegations against Shakib during that time in September of 2016.

Rahmat then listed the various ways in which the actor had been unprofessional and unethical in his conducts. The list is as follows:

1. Dismissal of shooting with no prior notice despite the preparations of the crew and producers.

2. Creating unnecessary burden upon the crew to procure the actor’s preferred food, which would waste precious shooting time and resources.

3. Not following the set time for the shooting, appearing at the set whenever he wanted to. The producer would also sometime pay the fees of the crew and wait for the actor to show up, so that the film could be completed as scheduled.