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Afran Nisho completes first lot shoot for ‘Surongo’

Staff Correspondent
23 Mar 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 23 Mar 2023 00:31:11
Afran Nisho completes first lot shoot for ‘Surongo’

Popular actor Afran Nisho is all set to enter the big screen with Raihan Rafi’s upcoming film ‘Surongo’. The team has already completed the first lot of filming for the film, which was started at the beginning of March.

Sharing his shooting experience Nisho said, “It was a completely different feeling at work. This is my first film. We all were on the shooting floor for about 10 days in the remote area of Sunamganj. It was very difficult for everyone to stay there. We even faced difficulties with food. This is my first work with director Rafi. I always try to work comfortably with the director. That’s why we had many discussions.”

“Even though we all work hard, whether visually or in performance, all I can say is the audience will see something enjoyable, tasteful, and elegant,” he added.

On this note, Tama Mirza said, “The whole team had put in a hefty sum of effort and battled quite a difficult situation here. Yet, the only thing that soothes our hearts is the fact that the shoot is going well, and we did not compromise even a bit with it.”

All through shooting, two more slots are still pending. According to the director, the second lot of the shoot will begin soon and will be an even tougher journey.

‘Syndicate’, ‘Redrum’, ‘Morichika’, ‘Punorjonmo’, ‘Kaiser’, ‘Shuklopokkho’ and ‘Mainkar Chipay’ are some of Nisho’s hits. Many of his dramas are also available on YouTube.

Nisho began his career as a model in a television commercial in 2003. He won the critics’ choice ‘Best Actor (TV)’ at the 2016 Meril Prothom Alo Awards for his role in the TV drama ‘Jog Biyog’.