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I am very satisfied as an artist

Staff Correspondent
24 Mar 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 24 Mar 2023 21:12:52
I am very satisfied as an artist

From the beginning of her acting career to date, actress Deepa Khandakar has kept herself busy in acting consistently. As successful as she is in her personal life, she is equally successful as an actress. After marrying actor Shahed Ali, they are a happily married couple and she is the mother of a son and a daughter.

Deepa also attaches great importance to family life and will reduce work if necessary, but family comes first to her. Still, she continues to act regularly in dramas and movies.

Regarding her work, Deepa said, “The movie ‘Monolok’ has already won the Best Editing Award, and for this, I congratulate Amit Debnath. In this film, I and Babu Bhai played the roles of husband and wife. On the other hand, this is the first time I have acted in a movie with Afzal Hossain Bhai. I am also grateful to Syed Salahuddin Zaki for creating this opportunity for me. Acting in the same film with Afzal Bhai is a unique experience for my acting career.”

“I am also feeling comfortable acting in Duronto TV’s new serial ‘Obontikanda’ under the direction of Maruf Mithu. Alhamdulillah, I am passing good times with both my acting life and family life. I am very satisfied as an artist with my artistic life and personal life”, she added.

Last year Deepa Khandakar completed Shahid Raihan’s movie ‘Monolek’. Meanwhile, the movie won the Best Editing Award at the 7th International Film Festival of India. Deepa Khandkar played an important role in the movie.

Deepa Khandkar has already completed the work of Syed Salahuddin Zaki’s first movie ‘Aparajay’ opposite actor Afzal Hossain. In this movie, she played a central role. Deepa has already started work on the new serial drama ‘Obontikanda’ for Duronto TV. It is being produced by Mohammad Marufuzzaman Khan (Maruf Mithu).