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Mithila to share birthday with loved ones

Staff Correspondent
25 May 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 24 May 2023 23:48:30
Mithila to share birthday with loved ones

The talented actress Mithila has recently captivated audiences with her exceptional acting skills in the web series ‘Myself Allen Swapan’ directed by filmmaker Shihab Shaheen. Her remarkable performance has garnered widespread attention, making headlines in recent days.

As Mithila married Srijit, so she has to frequently divide her time between Dhaka and Kolkata. However, due to the nature of her work, Mithila finds herself traveling to various countries across the world, apart from her two home cities. For example, he will be out of the country for office work from May 31 to June 17. Just as Mithila is enjoying her work life, whatever time she gets to act, she enjoys it all the time. But one day of the year she tries to stay with his family.

Today, Mithila joyfully will celebrate her special day in Dhaka, cherishing the tranquillity and love that comes from being surrounded by her loved ones on such occasions. Today is Mithila’s birthday.

Expressing her happiness, Mithila stated, “Being in Dhaka with my family on my birthday brings me a sense of inner peace. The joy of celebrating birthdays with family is truly a delightful experience. I humbly request everyone to pray for me and my family.”

Mithila also expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming response she has received from audiences across the country and abroad for her latest web series. “I got a lot of responses from the audience from different parts of the country and abroad. I am soaked in the love of the audience. I was inspired again. In the future, I will try to work in better dramas, web series.”

Meanwhile, Mithila’s fans eagerly await the release of her upcoming films, including ‘Omanush,’ ‘Nuliachhorir Shonar Pahar’, ‘Kajol Rekha’, ‘Maya’, ‘Meghla’, and ‘Nitishastra’. The makers of these movies believe that their release will propel Mithila to new heights as an actress. Mithila herself remains optimistic about these projects, eagerly anticipating the opportunities they will bring.