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Sinthia’s ‘Bhalobasar Oligoli’ premieres

Staff Correspondent
25 May 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 25 May 2023 00:03:38
Sinthia’s ‘Bhalobasar Oligoli’ premieres

Sinthia Yasmin is set to captivate audiences with her latest drama serial, ‘Bhalobasar Oligoli,’ which begins airing yesterday. Sinthia will be portraying the character of Daria in this highly anticipated series, which will be broadcast on NTV every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 9:30 pm.

Written and directed by the talented playwright and theatre director Sagor Jahan, ‘Bhalobasar Oligoli’ marks a collaboration between Sinthia and Sagor Jahan. Last Eid, Sinthia delivered a stellar performance in Sagor’s play ‘Bokkor’ receiving accolades from both critics and viewers. Her remarkable acting prowess led to her inclusion in the upcoming drama ‘Bokkor-2,’ scheduled to be aired on Channel 9 next Eid.

Expressing her admiration for Sagor Jahan, Sinthia shared, “Sagor Jahan Bhai is undeniably a skilled playwright and director. It’s truly a pleasure to work under his guidance. He not only helps me understand my character but also provides valuable insights on proper acting techniques, making the process feel spontaneous at times. The character of Daria is incredibly interesting, which adds to the enjoyment of portraying her. The entire cast has done a fantastic job in their respective roles. Moreover, Sagor Bhai’s plays hold a special place in the audience’s hearts, which gives me hope for the success of this new series.”

Alongside her acting career, Sinthia remains busy as a sought-after model for advertisements and continues to showcase her exceptional dance skills. She has also gained recognition for her performance in the web series ‘Aura’ aired on Bioscope, expanding her presence in the world of OTT platforms. Sinthia expresses her interest in pursuing more projects in the OTT space. However, she intends to focus on developing her acting skills further before venturing into movies.

Sinthia’s acting journey commenced with the play ‘Sonar Pakhi Rupar Pakhi,’ directed by Salahuddin Lavlu. She achieved the first runner-up position in the 2016 edition of Shera Nachiye, a popular dance competition. Recently, she showcased her modeling skills in the music video for Biplob Saha’s song ‘Sara Jibon.’