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Sadia fuels anticipation for ‘Swapnobhuk’

Staff Correspondent
27 May 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 27 May 2023 02:04:38
Sadia fuels anticipation for ‘Swapnobhuk’

Sadia Ayman, a prominent actress of this generation, has swiftly become the center of attention in recent discussions. She burst into the limelight with her exceptional performance in the acclaimed web film ‘Mayashalik,’ under the direction of the talented Shihab Shaheen.

Since then, Sadia has graced the stage in several captivating plays, and now she embarks on an exciting new venture, a web film titled ‘Swapnobhuk.’ Penned and produced by the talented Masum Shahriar, this eagerly awaited project is nearing its final stages of production.

About her previous and recent work, Sadia Ayman said, “I still get a lot of response for my first web film ‘Mayashalik’. For this I am sincerely grateful to Shihab Shaheen Bhaiya and Apurba Bhaiya. And my character in the new web film ‘Swapnobhuk’ is in one word amazing. I have worked hard on it. What sets it apart is the dedication we’ve put into it, going beyond the confines of time and shooting in diverse locations outside Dhaka to bring the story to life authentically. For the past several days, I have been fully immersed in my character, delving deep into its essence. I genuinely hope that the hard work and effort invested by everyone involved in constructing this film will pay off, resulting in a truly remarkable viewing experience for the audience.”

Some time ago, Sadia Ayman acted in the drama Rupgondho, directed by Subrata Sanjeeb in her home district Barisal. Last Eid, her performances in ‘Doi Fuchka’, ‘Doob Shatar 2’, ‘Babui Pakhir Basha’ and ‘Jol Torongo’ all received positive responses from the audience.