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Stop spreading false news: Nawazuddin

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27 May 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 27 May 2023 02:03:03
Stop spreading false news: Nawazuddin

In response to a tweet by filmmaker Anurag Kashyap apparently supporting the film ‘Kerala Story’, Nawazuddin, while speaking to News 18 said that “If a novel or a film is hurting someone, then that is wrong.” Kashyap had tweeted earlier this month, “You agree with the film or not, be it propaganda, counter-propaganda, offensive or not, to ban it is just wrong.”

Nawazuddin slammed those spreading fake news and clarified his stance on banning films. “Please stop spreading false news just to get some views and hits, it’s called cheap TRP - I never said and I would never want any film to be banned ever. STOP BANNING FILMS. STOP SPREADING FAKE NEWS !!!,” he wrote.