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Afzal Hossain honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award in Kolkata

Staff Correspondent
06 Jun 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 05 Jun 2023 23:11:29
Afzal Hossain honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award in Kolkata

In a grand ceremony held at the prestigious Tele Cine Awards in Kolkata, veteran Bangladeshi actor and filmmaker Afzal Hossain was bestowed with the highly esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award. The event marked the 20th edition of the Tele Cine Awards, which recognises exceptional talent and contributions in the film industry.

Expressing his gratitude and emotions, Afzal, who was present at the ceremony in Kolkata, shared his thoughts on the relationship between Bangladeshi and Kolkata’s artistic creations. He stated, “We watch and read Kolkata’s movies, dramas, and literature. But our dramas, movies, and literature do not reach Kolkata in the same way.”

However, he raised a valid question about the limited exposure of Bangladeshi plays, movies, and literature in Kolkata. He observed that the advent of OTT platforms has allowed Kolkata audiences to discover and appreciate Bangladeshi artists, generating interest in their work.

“Nowadays because of the OTT platform, audiences in Kolkata are watching plays and becoming interested in our artists. If the scope of our workspace would increase in Kolkata, then the assignation of artists in Dhaka would increase, and the scope of work would also increase - this is my observation.”

Afzal further emphasized the potential for increased collaboration and engagement between artists from Dhaka and Kolkata, considering their shared language and cultural heritage.

He said, “As our language is the same, and through the award ceremony, artists of two Bengal met, the exchange of words became the main thing, the relationship is being developed, so it’s a good thing.”

During the award ceremony, Afzal Hossain’s lifetime contributions to the world of cinema were acknowledged, recognizing his outstanding achievements as an actor, ad maker, and filmmaker. This prestigious accolade reflects his immense talent, dedication, and significant impact on the Bangladeshi film industry throughout his illustrious career.

In addition to his recent lifetime achievement recognition, Afzal has been diligently working on his directorial projects. He has successfully completed the filming of ‘Maniker Lal Kankra’, a movie in which he stars opposite Deepa Khandkar. Additionally, he has wrapped up his work on ‘Aparajeya’, directed by Syed Salahuddin Zaki. In this film, Afzal Hossain shares the screen with Rokeya Prachi.