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Putul to release new song ‘Gitalina’

The singer will dedicate the song to her daughter
Staff Correspondent
06 Jun 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 05 Jun 2023 23:11:20
Putul to release new song ‘Gitalina’

Renowned singer Sajia Sultana Putul has announced plans to celebrate her daughter›s first birthday in a truly remarkable way. Putul has decided to celebrate this momentous occasion on June 13 by releasing a heartfelt song titled ‘Gitalina’, dedicated to her beloved daughter.

Putul, widely recognised for her musical prowess, penned some parts of the song during her daughter’s infancy, while the remaining verses were composed after her daughter’s birth. Notably, Putul has also composed the music for this special release.

Anticipation is running high as the imminent release of ‘Gitalina’ draws near. The song will be made available soon on Putul’s official YouTube channel.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Putul expressed, “Though it’s Gitalina’s first birthday, I wanted to make it a memorable occasion by sharing a song centered on her. As a musician, I believe there’s no greater gift than music. The lyrics of the song express my overflowing love for her. Some portions were written when my daughter was in my womb, and the rest were inspired by her radiant presence. I am confident that the audience will embrace this song, which has been composed and performed with an abundance of love.”

In addition to ‘Gitalina’, Putul is also preparing to release another song titled ‘Amay Mone Raikho’. The lyrics for this composition were penned by Lutfor Hasan, with music composed by Syed Reza Ali.

While passionately pursuing her musical endeavors, Putul is also dedicated to her literary pursuits. Currently, she is busy crafting her ninth novel, which is slated for publication during the upcoming book fair.