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Goutam Koiri’s ‘Antanagar’ releases on Chorki today

Staff Correspondent
08 Jun 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 07 Jun 2023 22:55:49
Goutam Koiri’s ‘Antanagar’ releases on Chorki today

Dramatist Goutam Koiri’s directorial debut web film titled ‘Antanagar’ is scheduled to release on the OTT platform Chorki today. Koiri took charge of the cinematography of the film as well.

‘Antanagar’ presents an intriguing narrative, where multiple stories intertwine and run parallel to each other.

When asked about the story of the movie, the director said, “Travelling from one city to another is Antanagar. We have passed from one city to another, from one life to another. This film will give audiences a taste of something new.”

The cast includes Shamol Mawla, Runa Khan, Sohel Mandal, Shabnam Faria, Ashish Khandaker, Prantar Dastider, Nidra Neha, and many others.

Shamol Mawla will be seen in the role of a CNG driver. He said, “It was a bit difficult for me to act in Antanagar because I had to run a CNG almost every day. I even blistered my hands. I love working with Runa Apu as a co-artist. The story of this movie is more fun to watch than to tell.”

The cinematography for ‘Antanagar’ has been done by Rafiqul Islam, while the colour grading and editing have been handled by HM Sohel. Jahid Nirob composed the music for the film.

Actress Shabnam Faria shared her positive experience working on the film. She said, “Everyone involved in this film had prior work experience with me. I have worked with Runa Apa for a long time in serials. Shyamal Da, and Sohel bhai are on the list of my favorite persons. So, it was easy working with them.”

Faria emphasised that ‘Antanagar’ revolves around the struggles faced by women, making the story relatable and heightening her expectations for the film.