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Mousumi Mou receives applause for ‘Chayabaji’

Staff Correspondent
08 Jun 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 07 Jun 2023 22:55:19
Mousumi Mou receives applause for ‘Chayabaji’

Syed Shakil-directed web film ‘Chayabaji’ made its debut on RTV’s OTT platform recently. The film featured Mousumi Mou portraying the role of a police officer. Alongside Mousumi, notable actors Tariq Anam Khan and Apu Biswas played significant roles in ‘Chayabaji’.

Tariq Anam Khan, known as a living legend in the country’s film industry, showcased his acting prowess once again, while Apu Biswas made her first appearance in a web film, proving her mettle in the acting domain. Their performances have garnered attention and praise from viewers.

For Mousumi Mou, stepping into the world of web films presented a new and exciting challenge. Being a newcomer to this format, she approached her role with utmost care and dedication during the filming process.

Mousumi expressed her gratitude, stating, “Ever since ‘Chayabaaji’ was released, I have received tremendous appreciation from audiences across the country. Not only that those who are dear to me have also showered their praise on my performance. I have also heard that my acting has evolved and become more mature than ever before. I feel love. I am being inspired to do better work in the future. I am deeply thankful to Syed Shakil for granting me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this remarkable web film.”

Aside from her success in the web film arena, she has established herself as a prominent solo lead actress in television dramas. Her performance as a heroine in Reza Mahmud’s ‘Bhule Jeo Amay’ received high acclaim. Additionally, the actress was recently featured as a model in an advertisement for the upcoming Father’s Day. Meanwhile, her latest serial drama ‘Bhalobashar Oligoli’, directed by Sagar Jahan is currently premiering on NTV.