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Coke Studio Bangla drops new song ‘Nodir Kul’

The song features the magic of Polli Kobi Jashimuddin and legendary musician Abbas Uddin
Staff Correspondent
27 May 2023 00:00:00 | Update: 27 May 2023 02:03:47
Coke Studio Bangla drops new song ‘Nodir Kul’

Coke Studio Bangla has dropped the fourth song of season 2 titled ‘Nodir Kul’ on the YouTube channel on Thursday evening.

Coke Studio Bangla’s latest song is a captivating rendition of ‘Nodir Kul’ performed by Ripon Kumar Sarkar (Boga). The digital first platform, known for its mesmerizing fusion of music and culture, pays tribute to Polli Kobi Jashimuddin and the legendary singer Abbasuddin Ahmed in the latest song. Nodir Kul is a modern adaptation of the timeless classic originally sung by the legendary Abbasuddin Ahmed and written and composed by the esteemed poet Jashimuddin.

Coke Studio Bangla continues to push boundaries and bring forth soul-stirring renditions that bridge generations, languages, and emotions. ‘Nodir Kul’ is a heartfelt tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh, capturing the essence of traditional folk music while infusing it with contemporary flair. Ripon Kumar Sakar (Boga), the rising star from last season’s Chiltey Roud, lends his captivating voice to breathe new life into ‘Nodir Kul’. With his exceptional vocal range and unique artistry, Ripon skillfully interprets the emotions embedded in the song, delivering a performance that is bound to leave audiences spellbound.

The song was launched in a unique manner where Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, Music Producer for Coke Studio Bangla, met with a number of Coke Studio Bangla fans in Chattogram Boat Club, and Coke Studio Bangla went live from their Facebook page to interact with all the fans, talked about music before unveiling the new song. In the song, Arnob tried to capture the essence of the changing river, always shifting scale from major to minor mode. This replicated the nature of the river, sometimes being quiet and sometimes being loud. Sometimes being bright and sometimes being gloomy.

Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, said “Since the launch of the platform we tried to bring the magic of Bangla music to global platform, especially to the younger generation. We used unique elements to bring out the true essence of this music loving nation. Coke Studio Bangla as a platform is creating space for musicians to collaborate, not just singers. And Nodir Kul is the perfect example of how musical brilliance shines through the amazing collaboration between instrumentalists, musicians and artists from all backgrounds. It gives every artist a chance to exchange ideas and learn unique things and grow as musicians.”

Originally it is a Bhatiali song, but it also has influence of Kirton, especially in the verses where the rhythm comes in to play, painting a different picture of the river. Ripon Kumar Sarkar (Boga), who performed this song beautifully, has his own Kirton group. With his background and expertise in this form of music, it was the perfect song for him to be more authentic, specially bringing in flute and khol, elaborating the form of Kirton to bring Nodir Kul to life. He said, “To be able to perform the song of such an iconic musician like Abbasuddin and a great poet like Jashimuddin, it is a great honor. There are a number of elements in this song such as Bhatiali and Kirton which when combined creates an enchanting experience for music lovers.”

In addition to Ripon and Arnob, Nodir Kul also features Idris, a jazz musician who is doing music in London with his own band called Soothsayer. While he is doing music abroad, his Bangladeshi roots inspired him as an artist to explore and find roots in his musical journey.

‘Nodir Kul’ is now available for all audiences on the official YouTube channel and Spotify Channel of Coke Studio Bangla.