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Aminul first Bangladeshi boxer to be competing in SK

UNB . Dhaka
13 Mar 2024 17:11:23 | Update: 13 Mar 2024 17:43:18
Aminul first Bangladeshi boxer to be competing in SK
— Courtesy Photo

Bangladesh is poised to make an indelible mark on the international boxing stage as Aminul Islam, a trailblazer from Xcel Sports Promotion, is set to participate in the "Rings of Champions" boxing event.

This landmark engagement will take place at the prestigious Grand Swiss Hotel in Seoul on March 16, 2024, marking Aminul's debut as the first Bangladeshi professional boxer to compete in South Korea.

Aminul Islam, a celebrated figure in professional boxing, is slated to face Dong Hoon Jang, South Korea's leading Bantamweight boxer, in a highly anticipated match. This encounter, collaboration between Xcel and DND Promotions, is not just a bout but a milestone event expected to captivate boxing aficionados across the globe.

The bout is set to unfold over six intense rounds within the Bantamweight division, which has a weight limit of 54 kg. This confrontation is the culmination of rigorous preparation, with both fighters gearing up to showcase their prowess in what promises to be an unforgettable clash.

The weigh-in, a precursor to the tension-filled event, is scheduled for March 15, 2024, setting the stage for the next day's epic encounter.

Adnan Haroon, chairman of Bangladesh Boxing Foundation, conveyed his enthusiasm, stating, “Aminul's participation in this historic event marks a significant milestone for Bangladeshi boxing. His dedication and hard work reflect the spirit of our boxing community.

“It is a proud moment for our nation as we witness our athletes showcase the talent and potential of Bangladesh on the international stage.”

This ground-breaking venture not only highlights Aminul Islam's foray into the South Korean boxing scene but also symbolises a significant leap for Bangladeshi sports, inspiring future generations to dream big.

As Islam steps into the ring, he carries not just the weight of expectation but the hopes of a nation eager to establish its presence on the world stage.