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Mushfiqur takes legal action against Ekattor Tv over 'false report'

UNB . Dhaka
09 Dec 2023 15:52:26 | Update: 09 Dec 2023 15:55:02
Mushfiqur takes legal action against Ekattor Tv over 'false report'
— UNB Photo

Former Bangladesh cricket team captain Mushfiqur Rahim has initiated legal proceedings against Ekattor TV, a private TV station, in response to a report aired during the ongoing Bangladesh-New Zealand Test series.

Aired on December 6, the report alleged spot-fixing against the batter, prompting Supreme Court lawyer Shihab Uddin Khan, representing Mushfiqur, to issue a legal notice to Ekattor TV.

The notice demands four key actions within 48 hours: immediate removal of the report from social media and digital platforms, telecast of an apology, issuance of a press release containing the apology, and a warning to the reporter against such actions in the future.

The legal notice emphasizes that the publication of such a report on a reputable channel like Ekattor TV is unexpected and does not align with the principles of journalism.

In the first innings of the Dhaka Test against New Zealand, Mushfiqur was dismissed for obstructing the field. Pushing the ball away after defending a delivery, he violated cricketing laws, as batters are not allowed to handle the ball while or after playing a delivery. This dismissal marked the first of its kind in Tests for Bangladesh.

Ekattor TV aired a report suggesting that Mushfiqur's dismissal was potentially linked to spot-fixing.