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Shanta Securities unveils trading app—Shanta EasyTrade

Staff Correspondent
23 Jul 2023 16:54:36 | Update: 23 Jul 2023 17:09:56
Shanta Securities unveils trading app—Shanta EasyTrade

Shanta Securities Limited, one of the leading brokerage firms in Bangladesh, has announced the launch of a cutting-edge trading app – Shanta EasyTrade – on Sunday.

The user-friendly application empowers both existing and new investors with the ability to conveniently monitor market situation, compare options, and execute trades from anywhere any time, said a media statement.

Harnessing over a year of meticulous development, the stockbroker has developed this robust platform that caters to the evolving needs of stock market participants.

With Shanta EasyTrade, users can navigate the complexities of the stock market, ensuring a seamless and rewarding trading experience, the press statement claimed.

Quazi Assaduzzaman, chief executive officer at Shanta Securities, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are incredibly gratified to introduce Shanta EasyTrade to the market. This innovative trading app represents a significant milestone for us as we strive to provide our valued investors with one-stop financial solutions.”

“With Shanta EasyTrade, we are putting the power of seamless trading in the hands of our clients, enabling them to monitor, analyse, and execute trades with ease. We look forward to witnessing this app's positive impact on our clients' trading journey ahead.”

Shanta Securities Limited invites investors to embrace this revolutionary trading app and take control of their investment journey.

With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and commitment to excellence, Shanta EasyTrade is optimistic to set a new standard in online trading in Bangladesh.

The app can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and App Store.