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Elon Musk emails Twitter employees at 2:30am

Office is not optional, email says
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25 Mar 2023 21:20:52 | Update: 25 Mar 2023 21:38:04
Elon Musk emails Twitter employees at 2:30am
A file photo of Elon Musk — AFP

Twitter's Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk emailed the employees in the early hours of Wednesday to inform them about the microblogging site's remote-working policy, as per a report in Fortune Magazine.

"Office is not optional," Musk said in the email to the staff that was sent at 2:30 am, according to the outlet's report, which is based on Platformer Managing Editor Zo Schiffer's tweet, reports NDTV.

According to Schiffer's tweet, the new owner of the social media platform noted in his message that the company's San Francisco offices "was half empty yesterday."

However, it is to be noted that the billionaire has fired thousands of employees since he took control of the platform.

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred. Musk often shares brand-new corporate policies in late-night emails. He told staff members they would need to become "extremely hardcore" and encouraged them to put in long hours in a 2 am email shortly after the takeover of Twitter, according to a Washington Post.

He first mandated that Twitter workers work a minimum of 40 hours per week in November, citing the importance of this requirement to the company's culture. It is to be noted that Twitter had already created a flexible remote work arrangement prior to the acquisition.

Musk is not a fan of remote working. Last year, the Tesla Chief announced that "everyone at Tesla is required to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week", and "if you don't show up, we will assume you have resigned". However, drew criticism from worker advocates about potential exposure to Covid-19.