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‘Minimum validity period for internet packages now 7 days’

UNB . Dhaka
17 Sep 2023 21:16:34 | Update: 17 Sep 2023 21:16:34
‘Minimum validity period for internet packages now 7 days’
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Post and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar has announced the discontinuation of mobile internet packages with 3-day and 15-day validity "for the convenience of customers."

Meanwhile, the authorities have extended the minimum validity period of mobile internet packages to 7 days.

"I have recently received numerous inquiries regarding the three-day validity period for mobile data. Many users have reported that they can’t utilize the data they purchased within the validity period. Recognizing that the current three-day duration is quite limited, we are now extending it to seven days," the minister said.

The announcement was made at a meeting on 'New Guidelines-2023 on Data and Data Related Packages of Mobile Phone Operators' at BTRC Bhaban in Agargaon on Sunday afternoon.

These new guidelines will be effective from October 15.

According to the new guidelines, three types of mobile internet packages will be offered to users: 7-day package, 30-day package and unlimited package.

The numbers of mobile internet packages have been reduced to 40 from the previous 85.

The telecom minister said: “We have reduced the number of validity data packages. So many validity data packages tend to confuse customers. We have increased the minimum validity of data packages to 7 days, ensuring that no data package with a shorter duration can be sold. With this extended period, customers can fully utilize their data.”

BTRC Systems and Services Division Director General Brigadier General Md Nasim Parvez presented the new guidelines.

Package count and durations

The total number of packages will now be 40, including regular packages, special packages (CCSP), research and development (R&D), and all brand-specific options as per flexible plans. This marks a reduction from the previous 85 packages. Furthermore, the validity for all packages will be 7 days, 30 days, and unlimited, as opposed to the previous validity periods of 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days.

Unlimited package options and data volumes

Each operator has the flexibility to provide unlimited data packages in three volumes: 25 GB, 50 GB, and 75 GB. Operators may seek approval from the BTRC to adjust the data volume in the future.

Flexible plan package design 

Customers who use MyGP, MyRobi, MyBL, My Teletalk can design their own package by selecting talk time, data volume, social pack, SMS, etc. If the customers like the displayed price, they can acquire the package using their mobile app and it will be treated as a regular package.

Carry forward benefit: Under the new guidelines, customers will be able to enjoy data carry forward benefit if they buy the same package before the validity period expires. Customers will be able to carry forward up to a maximum of 50 GB data. Carry forward benefits will also be effective in social and bonus packages.

Data expiry notification for customers: In the event a customer is presented with a new package offer prior to the expiration of their current package, the offer should mirror the existing package, while the other two alternatives may align with their usage history. Additionally, customers should receive a notification regarding the impending data expiration via SMS one day before the package's expiry date.

Minister Jabbar said the decision has been taken for the convenience of the customers and will be changed keeping the benefit of the customers in mind.

BTRC Chairman Shyam Sunder Sikder presided over the function while Vice Chairman Mohiuddin Ahmed delivered the welcome speech.

Representatives of mobile operators' association AMTOB and representatives from mobile phone operators were also present.