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Pac-Man 99 ends service in October

Battle royale-style 99-player Pac-Man game launched in April 2021
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18 May 2023 17:52:50 | Update: 18 May 2023 21:48:48
Pac-Man 99 ends service in October

Nintendo revealed on Monday that it will discontinue and end the service of Bandai Namco Entertainment and Arika's Pac-Man 99 online multiplayer Switch game on October 8.

Those who purchased the game's Deluxe Pack and Mode Unlock DLC will still be able to play CPU Battle, Blind Time Attack, and Score Attack even after the game ends service, reports Anime News Network.

The game launched in April 2021 as a free game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Arika developed the game, in which 99 players compete to be the last one standing in a new version of the Pac-Man game.

Players can send Jammer Pac-Man to opponents by eating Power Pellets and ghosts. Bandai Namco Entertainment's Pac-Man game franchise debuted with its original arcade game in 1980. The franchise inspired the Pac-World television anime series in 2013.