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Citycell’s license cancelled

Staff Correspondent
16 Mar 2023 12:31:44 | Update: 16 Mar 2023 14:33:36
Citycell’s license cancelled

Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Committee (BTRC) has cancelled the license of the country’s first cellular corporation Citycell.

The corporation have been apprised of this decision via mail on Wednesday even when the license for 2G cell phones was supposed to last till November 10, 2026.

Citycell owes more than 218 crores to BTRC. As such, the corporation is obligated to indemnify in the form of a late fee which would last till they manage to make the overdue payback.

“We have filed both civil and criminal suits against them (Citycell) on the charge of the default. And if they think they can get away without paying back the money and if they think the penalty ends just in getting their license cancelled, then they have another thing coming,” said BTRC Chairman Shyam Sunder Sikder.

He stressed that BTRC is always mindful of collecting overdue payments.

BTRC decided to revoke the license at the end of January 2022 whereby they implored the Posts and Telecommunications Division for getting this motion authorized.