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Remain cautious about US to protect Bangladesh's RMG: Li Jiming

UNB . Dhaka
07 Jul 2022 09:51:19 | Update: 07 Jul 2022 10:06:41
Remain cautious about US to protect Bangladesh's RMG: Li Jiming
Garment employees work in a sewing section of the Fakhruddin Textile Mills Limited in Gazipur, February 7, 2021 — Reuters Photo

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming has urged the people of Bangladesh to remain cautious saying the US interference may harm Bangladesh's apparel industry.

In the video message "A Minute With Ambassador," Ambassador Li said he had noticed that a certain ready-made garments (RMG) industry association in Bangladesh recently alerted its members to the risks associated with cotton from China due to the US allegation of "forced labour in Xinjiang."

He said Washington uses this lie about Xinjiang to smear and defame China, with the ultimate goal of containing the country.

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"The reason why I brought it up here today is that if Bangladeshi people are not cautious enough, this lie may hurt the country's RMG industry as well," said Ambassador Li.

The envoy said he also noticed that the alert was issued following a meeting between the association and two representatives from "Indo-Pacific Opportunity Project" affiliated with some US agency.

The so-called "forced labour in Xinjiang" is a complete lie, the envoy said.

"It is now circulating on the internet that two US diplomats previously posted in Guangzhou reportedly confessed in 2021," Ambassador Li said.

He quoted the diplomats as saying, "Nothing is wrong about Xinjiang, but to attack their human rights policies is an effective means to make Xinjiang break away from the international industrial chain, and to make Uyghurs unhappy, turbulent and then fight against the Chinese government."

This disclosure echoes a statement made by a former high rank US official in 2018, the ambassador said.