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No new import permit for onion via Hili after Mar 15

UNB . Dinajpur
14 Mar 2023 14:59:20 | Update: 14 Mar 2023 17:07:12
No new import permit for onion via Hili after Mar 15
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Importers are suspecting that onion price in the country may go up during Ramadan, as the government has decided to not issue new permits for importing Indian onions after March 15 through the Hili land port -- to ensure local farmers get a fair price.

“Large consignments of onions are being imported now through Hili land port to keep prices stable during Ramadan. But the government decided to not issue new onion import permits from India, which may make the onion market unstable,” Senior Vice President of Hili Land Port Import-Export Group Shahidul Islam said while speaking at a press conference on Monday night. 

If onion imports stop after March 15, importers will suffer financially. Consumers also have to buy onions at higher prices during Ramadan, he added. 

Mostafizur Rahman, general secretary of the organization, said that it is necessary to continue importing onions throughout the month of Ramadan and keep the prices stable. 

Currently, imported onions are being sold at Tk 24 and domestic onions at Tk 26 per kg at the retail level.