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Wheat being imported from Canada: Tipu

UNB . Dhaka
03 Nov 2022 17:12:47 | Update: 03 Nov 2022 17:14:46
Wheat being imported from Canada: Tipu
— Representational Photo

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi has said traders have started importing wheat from Canada and other countries after the closure of the Ukraine-Russia market due to the ongoing war.

While briefing reporters, he said the wheat issue was raised at the fourth meeting of the task force on reviewing commodity prices and market conditions at the secretariat on Thursday.

“One of the major traders said one of his shipments of 55,000 tonnes of wheat was stuck at Turkey port but it has now started for Bangladesh. As Ukraine was our main supplier of wheat, the price might be higher for importing from Canada to meet demands for now,” he said.

The minister said there is a little shortfall in the amount of wheat to be imported and supply will normalise if Ukraine and Russia lift the export ban.

The wheat being imported from Canada is also of good quality, he added.

Regarding the price hike of pulses by Tk 10 per kg in the last few days, Tipu said, impacted by the global price hike the pulse supply has declined a bit.

“The tariff commission will look into this and see if the price increase is reasonable.”

He said due to rising dollar prices, Bangladesh is not getting the benefit of falling global prices of rod and cement at the moment.

“People's main focus is on food. If the food production is right, compromises can be made in other sectors,” he said.