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Sunday, May 09, 2021

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Bangladesh physicians dance to the tune of Covid

Staff Reporter
28 Apr 2021 21:33:56 | Update: 28 Apr 2021 21:35:16
Bangladesh physicians dance to the tune of Covid
Screengrab from the YouTube video by Bangladeshi Topic

Three doctors of Dhaka Medical College Hospital have demonstrated that the Bangla proverb ‘Je radhe se chul o badhe’ is correct. Their captivating dance brightened the gloomy atmosphere of the hospital, which is plagued by novel coronavirus.

The air is getting heavier by the minute all over the world with sighs and despairs of the loved ones of deceased Covid patients. The situation in Bangladesh is no different.

Frontline fighters, however, continue with their duties amid all the adversities and limitations.

Three such physicians, exhausted from work and so many deaths due to Covid-19, performed a small but beautifully choreographed dance number on Monday at the corridor of the DMCH in search of some relief from all the grief and ease the depressing environment, even if for a short while.

These doctors, Anika Hossain Khan, Shashwata Chandan and Kripa Biswas, recorded the performance on camera. The video went viral after physician Shashwata posted it on his Facebook timeline.

The video clip has so far been viewed over 255,000 times, and shared 4,500 times. With more than 2,000 comments and 56,000 reactions, the post has gained much admiration of netizens.

In the video, the doctors are seen dancing on a Sylheti folk song ‘Aylare Noya Daman’ wearing surgical masks and OT uniforms.

Talking to The Business Post, two of those three physicians explained the reason behind their unique dance performance, saying it was mainly to boost up the morale of the intern physicians and other staffers working relentlessly in the corona wards.

Anika Hossain Khan, an intern doctor at the DMCH, said, “We had OT duty on Monday. After completing our duty, we suddenly decided to make a dance video and selected the ‘Noya Daman’ song for this, as it is quite popular among audiences these days. We choreographed the dance on the spot and began dancing.”

“We’ve watched several videos of foreign doctors singing and dancing to motivate others. The idea prompted us to perform. The aim of this performance was to encourage and motivate Covid-fighters,” she said.

“Our neighbouring country India is undergoing a critical situation, which concerns us. We keep discussing how to tackle the circumstances if something similar happens to our country.

“Many doctors are becoming mentally weak and exhausted with all this stress. Moreover, our work is somewhat monotonous. That’s why we decided to perform at the hospital to cheer them up,” Anika added.

“But none of us thought it would gain such acceptance,” she said.

Shashwata Chandan echoed Anika on their intention of making the video.

He said, “My colleague Anika and I both got infected with Covid-19 earlier. People are usually seen to get demotivated to go ahead with their life after being infected with the coronavirus. So, through this dance, we wanted to make everyone realise that we still strong, we didn’t break down.”

“We wanted to entertain everyone and motivate them so that they could fight with the pandemic with a strong mind.”

A few days earlier, another dance number of two Kerala doctors went viral.