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Walton 4th Nat’l Football Tournament kicks off Sunday

Staff Correspondent
29 Jun 2024 21:34:41 | Update: 29 Jun 2024 21:34:41
Walton 4th Nat’l Football Tournament kicks off Sunday
Guests at the press conference organised for “Walton 4th National (Women & Men) Footvolley Competition-2024” — Courtesy Photo

Under the sponsorship of Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC, and organised by Bangladesh Footvolley Association, the "Walton 4th National (Women and Men) Footvolley Competition-2024" is set to kick off Sunday [June 30, 2024].

This two-day long competition will continue till July 1 with the participation of 14 teams in two categories at Rajarbagh Police Line ground, according to a press conference organised at the Rajarbagh Police Lines in Dhaka on Saturday.

Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC Senior Executive Director FM Iqbal Bin Anwar (Don) was present at the press conference, along with Senior Deputy Executive Director Rabiul Islam Milton, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Welfare and Sports) Dhaka Metropolitan Police and Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Football Association Mohammad Sohail Rana (PPM-Seba), Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Force) Md Obaidur Rahman, Assistant Police Commissioner (Welfare and Sports) Amanullah and General Secretary Azam Ali Khan.

Fourteen teams, including 8 in men's division and 6 in women's division, participate in Walton 4th National Football Competition.

Group “A” of men's category has Bangladesh Police, Jamalpur District Sports Association, Feroz Smriti Sangsad and Zidan Sporting Club. Group “B” has Bangladesh Ansar, Tota Sporting Club, Khulna District Sports Association and Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

Bangladesh Ansar, Dhaka Metropolitan Police and JB Sporting Club are in Group “A” of women's division. Group “B” has Bangladesh Police, Paran Makdum Sporting Club, and Jamalpur District Sports Association.

Four teams from each group in the men's division will advance to the semi-finals. From there two teams will play the final.

Meanwhile, four teams from the two groups of the women's division will make it to the semi-finals. And two teams will play in the final. Trophies and medals will be awarded to the champions, runners-up and third placed teams of the competition.

In the press conference, FM Iqbal bin Anwar (Dawn) said, “We have been the Walton family since the beginning of footvolley. Although it is a new sport, footvolley is doing well in international tournaments in the country and outside the country in a short period of time.

“We hope that this new sport will gain popularity among the youth and bring success to Bangladesh in the international arena.”

Rabiul Islam Milton said, “Footvolley is a new game, which Walton has been sponsoring since its inception. Under Walton's patronage, football has achieved success in the country and abroad. Hopefully, that success will continue in the future.

“New players will emerge from this national competition. Who will enrich the pipeline of the national team and bring us success from the international arena.”

Mohammad Sohail Rana (PPM-Seba) thanked Walton for sponsoring the national competition this time as well. The event partner for this competition is Walton's popular brand Marcel. And online partner risingbd.com.

It should be noted that footvolley is a game similar to volleyball. Court is like volleyball, played with feet, chest and head.

A team consists of four players in total. Two of them got a chance to play. The ball has to be sent to the other court within a total of three touches. A total of three to five sets are played. Each set has 18 points.

A team is declared the winner if it wins two consecutive sets out of three sets.